Organize Your Kitchen Like a Pro

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Too often, we find ourselves spending time we don’t have looking for pot lids, spatulas, baking sheets, and that long-lost spice which is now buried deep in a some random cabinet. The basic ‘organized kitchen’ tip is categorize. In order to work well with the kitchen, it needs to be split into distinct categories. The […]


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On this edition of office renovations we have: the attack of the paint! For those of us who have been following the worst moments of the office, you’ll know that we’ve recently been undergoing some renovations. Moving desks, new walls, occasional midday drilling- it’s all par for the course. Now, obviously, the whole goal of […]

Phones And Technology

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Major appliances can be a major pain in the neck. I am well aware of the fact that all technologies have their weaknesses and shortcomings, and I know that everything man-made is gonna fail at some point. But still, it is such a bummer when something you count on stops working. Now sure, you can […]

Tea Tree The Great!

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Hate. Dandruff. It horrifies me. I refuse to eat coconut cake because it looks like it’s covered in dandruff. I hate orange juice pulp because it’s like having — you guessed it — dandruff floating in my glass. I was only able to ignore my winter-induced raw, irritated, itchy scalp until I turned into a […]


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I have never been someone who has wanted to start something from nothing. I want to get on with my day and be left alone. Unfortunately we live in a society where many other factors come into play. People generally want to be left alone and then there are people who generally want to mess […]


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You what really makes no sense; conditioner. I mean, we use so much artificial chemicals in our hair so often that we need another type of artificial chemical to counteract the negative effects. Why not just use healthy shampoo? When you think of Shampoo what comes to mind? Perhaps a gooey sticky substance that contains […]