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I have never been someone who has wanted to start something from nothing. I want to get on with my day and be left alone. Unfortunately we live in a society where many other factors come into play. People generally want to be left alone and then there are people who generally want to mess with people. This is the reason I ended up owning a gun. I never thought I would carry a handgun but one event changed that for me.

Feeling safe should be a right you don’t have to fight for. That was not the case when I worked at one of my previous jobs. I worked in a old age home in the inner city. I was a janitor and general fix it guy. I loved my job and the people I worked with. On a daily basis we would have 2 breaks one for lunch and another mid-day break for things like a snack or cigarette. I took that time to grab my coat and go on walks outside. There was a gas station on the corner I liked to frequent and made it a point to go there to grab a drink and some chips for my co-workers. This was the inner-city so you can imagine that there was always interesting characters walking about hanging around.  I never paid any mind to that because I was minding my own business. That all changed one day. I headed out to grab some drinks and chips at the station. As I left the shop 2 men blocked my path. One tried to punch me in the face while the other one tried to rob me of my wallet. I was able to dash out of the way and run away unscathed. I had dropped the drinks and chips in the process but I wasn’t hurt psychically. Mentally however it kind of messed with me. I did not feel safe anymore and that was a problem. I decided to sign-up for gun classes. It is legal to carry in my state and I felt that if I carried I would feel safer.


I signed up for the classes and began learning about gun safety and the differences between a Glock and a revolver. There are endless articles on firearms on websites like Gunivore and other gun websites and blogs. I got my license and decided to purchase a Glock. From what I read they were extremely reliable and safer than other handguns. I have slightly bigger hands and therefore felt the Glock 17 was perfect for what I needed. I have been carrying now for 2 months and haven’t experienced any altercations. I wouldn’t say it is because I carry a gun but I still feel more confident when I have it strapped to my side. Feeling safe is extremely important and owning a gun can offer you the power to take back your personal safety. Guns are not for everyone but for me they ended up being what I needed to feel safe.

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