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Too often, we find ourselves spending time we don’t have looking for pot lids, spatulas, baking sheets, and that long-lost spice which is now buried deep in a some random cabinet.

The basic ‘organized kitchen’ tip is categorize. In order to work well with the kitchen, it needs to be split into distinct categories. The more specific the better, but this obviously depends on your space constraints.

Secondly, use the spaces you have at your disposal. One thing which I keep telling people to do is use their walls. Don’t want shelves? Hooks, people. When used properly, they can make your kitchen that much roomier and more organized.

Make use of the kitchen’s height. Do a quick triage every now and then, and if you encounter something – anything! – that you haven’t used in a year – toss it out. Don’t want to? Okay, but keep it out of the kitchen. It is not its place.

Something that is essential in your kitchen is tupperware. You really need tupperware for keeping leftovers. Keeping your tupperware organized is really important because you don’t want to lose your lids. One good thing about tupperware is that is stores very easily. Usually they stack and even can go into each other, really cutting down on the amount of room they take up. They are also amazing for transporting food for lunch or to someone else’s house. Tupperware is also great for meal prepping, which can help you to stay very healthy. It can help you stop overeating during the day. Body builders could literally not do their job without tupperware. The amount they eat they really need to be able to effectively store and transport their food. Transporting food without tupperware is a nightmare, you need to put things in plastic bags if you don’t have tupperware. Eating out of a plastic bag is way worse than eating out of tupperware. Finding microwavable safe tupperware isn’t the easiest task but it isn’t that hard, just stop being so lazy.

Here are some common mistakes people make when organizing their kitchen.

  •  The mistake: mixed kitchenware in a cabinet.
  •  The fix: separate items by material (glass, pyrex, wood) or by category (everyday, fancy, seldom-used). Whatever space you have, make use of it by way of separation.
  •  The mistake: leaving things in cardboard boxes.
  •  The fix: take them out. When you have things in cardboard boxes – be they food, devices, or utensils – you don’t see them in front of you, and are less than likely to eat or use them.
  •  The mistake: misusing the pantry.
  •  The fix: the pantry should ideally be designated for food which is unopened, be it a can or a box. Once it is opened, it belongs in a cabinet with other opened packages.
  •  The mistake: misusing fridge space.
  •  The fix: clear containers, ideally with dates. If you want to avoid wasting food or forgetting it there, remember the LIFO rule: last in, first out. Whatever needs to be eaten first (date-wise or otherwise) is up in front so you can see it.

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