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On this edition of office renovations we have: the attack of the paint! For those of us who have been following the worst moments of the office, you’ll know that we’ve recently been undergoing some renovations. Moving desks, new walls, occasional midday drilling- it’s all par for the course. Now, obviously, the whole goal of the renovation is to make the office a better place to work. But the process to get there is not so ideal. Take yesterday. The office had to be closed so that painting could be done. Now, while at least there was the option to work from home, it’s not ideal. It’s more difficult to stay focused, to limit distractions, and to get used to working on your home computer or laptop when you’re accustomed to your work station at the office. But honestly, overall it’s not so bad. That is, I thought it wasn’t until I walked into the office today.

Something looked different, but I couldn’t quite tell what was up. Then I noticed it- lots of white. and the wall by my desk that had been grey and unfinished was now white. I quickly noticed that my desk needed a thorough cleaning. There was a film of dust on my desk and keyboard, and my mouse was speckled. Without even hanging up my coat or putting my lunch in the fridge, I quickly went to get some wipes to start the cleaning process. I was as careful as could be to clean everything off and leave no stone unturned. It even took some scrubbing, but I managed to get things to at least seem decent. I then put my stuff away and got ready to work. I saw other people cleaning the floors or their desk areas too. It was a whole mission. And the bathrooms were crazy dusty! Everything was caked on.

However, over the course of the day my throat started getting scratchy. I realized also that things I had cleaned were dirty again. That’s when I realized that no matter how much we cleaned, there was still so much dust in the office that just kept floating around. I was breathing it in, which isn’t good, so despite being cold I opened the window and breathed for deal life. At one point I started sneezing, but luckily that passed. Yet I’m super paranoid when it comes to germs, so I’m only using utensils, cups and plates that were in packages, rather than ones that were already out on the table. And I’m so happy that I didn’t wear a black skirt today, because who knows what would have wound up on it. Once again, I’m sure the renovations will be worth it. The office will look better, people will be more productive, and it will create a different office vibe. It’s normal to go through this as part of the process. But if only the dust would leave me alone!

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