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Major appliances can be a major pain in the neck. I am well aware of the fact that all technologies have their weaknesses and shortcomings, and I know that everything man-made is gonna fail at some point. But still, it is such a bummer when something you count on stops working. Now sure, you can say that we have been spoiled by technology, and there is something to that, I think. But, on the other hand, why not be spoiled by it? If it is here for our use and for our productivity, then why not be upset when it breaks down? It is only natural.

Now, I am also aware that there are those out there whose job is to fix such things. Technicians and repairmen of all sorts and shapes and sizes are roaming all about, looking for those in need. Or rather, they are waiting for you to pick up a phone and give them a holler.

Before you get a tech to come over, it would be prudent to get at least a few recommendations. This does not apply to every single thing which breaks or malfunctions. Sometimes you can count on the word of your friends and family, but sometimes it has no relevance, since they may have not had that particular model or make that you have. In some cases, there are companies with exclusive rights to fixing and repairing a certain make or model. It is not too common, but such things dp exist. Furthermore, it could also be that your appliance is under warranty, in which case you may be able to pay a lot less – and sometimes nothing – for repairs of a certain kind.

Can you trust everyone? Anyone? Who is to say. Sometimes it is a question of trial and error.

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